About Us


Criminal Justice Reform

Richmond will continue to be a leader in the criminal justice reform, which recognizes the historical inequities in the criminal justice system and seeks to minimize or eliminate them. 

Our office will continue to oppose cash bonds for most non-violent offenders, so that those individuals can maintain employment and support their families. 

Our office will continue to offer non-violent offenders the opportunity to have criminal charges reduced or dismissed upon completion of community service and/or restitution. 

Our office will maintain and expand services and programs that provide alternatives to incarceration, so that non-violent offenders can receive both the appropriate consequences for their criminal behavior and also the opportunity to avoid the life-altering effects of jail or imprisonment.


Alternatives to Incarceration

Richmond will continue to train and equip our prosecutors with the skills and tools to protect victims, recognize the roots of an individual's criminogenic behavior, and work with community partners to prevent the re-occurrence of those behaviors. Our office refers appropriate individuals to the Mental Health/ Behavioral Health dockets in General District Court and Circuit Court. 

Our office also works with individuals who acknowledge their substance abuse issue and enter the Drug Court program offered in Circuit Court. Our prosecutors know that in the long term it is better to recognize and address a problem sooner than later, whether the problem is a dysfunctional family, a drug or alcohol problem, homelessness, or some other personal issue.


Community Engagement

As Richmond's Commonwealth's Attorney, I am ultimately responsible to each of the citizens of Richmond. That responsibility includes being responsive to all members of the community. Our office will have an active presence throughout the city, and I will ensure that my office is listening, participating, and engaging with all those whom we protect and serve.